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LashSense VolumeIntense™ Mascara by SeneGence

LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara works to separate, lift, coat and curl each lash to volumized perfection.

  • Formula fully extends lashes for 3-D intensity and dramatic volume.
  • Contains beneficial ingredients to help moisturize, prevent brittleness, and strengthen lashes.
  • Buildable, smooth application.

Available Colors: Black and Black Brown


LashSense VolumeIntense Waterproof Mascara

LashSense® VolumeIntenseTM Waterproof Mascara is a highly pigmented, waterproof formula that works to beautifully lengthen, curl, and define each lash to volumized perfection.

  • Waterproof formula that does not run or flake.
  • High-tech formula will define and extend lashes for intense fullness.
  • Beneficial ingredients help to prevent brittleness and strengthen lashes.

Available Colors: Black and Black Brown


UnderSense® 3-in-1 Maximizing Lash Primer

UnderSense 3-in-1 Maximizing Lash Primer works to (1) condition, (2) lengthen and (3) volumize lashes.

  • Formula works to condition and improve the length of lashes over time.
  • Immediately boosts the volume, definition, and length of lashes before mascara application.
  • Glides on easily and is not clumpy or thick, allowing mascara to be evenly applied.


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